My stories

Love Under the Mistletoe is a Christmas-themed romance collection published by Kellan Publishing. It features four short stories, including mine- Last Chance Junction.


Last Chance Junction

Mia Fletcher is going back to her country hometown to spend Christmas with her family. Crossing paths with her childhood best friend and ex-boyfriend Nick Holmes was not part of the plan. When a storm hits in the outback, both are forced to take shelter at a small Inn off the highway. They clearly still have feelings for each other but Mia is too headstrong to admit it and Nick is still puzzled by their fallout. Forced to share a room at the Inn, their situation only becomes more complicated when an armed drug dealer barges in and holds them captive. Nick and Mia have come to a junction and this could be their last chance to forgive and forget…

Love Under the Mistletoe is currently available for download at Kellan Publishing. To receive a 15% discount, please use this discount code: LaurenMurphy16

Also available @ Amazon, Smashwords , Kobo and in print.

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4 responses to “My stories

  1. This sounds like an awesome read. Love the cover.

  2. The cover just explodes out at you! Willl keep an eye out for it.

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