Review Policy

Authors and Publishers

Update as of September 2016: I am no longer accepting new review requests.

(This does not apply to current authors/ publishers that I have a current working relationship with).

Attention Indie/ Self-published authors: I am no longer accepting indie/ self-published works for review.

If you are an Australian author and would like to be included in my weekly Wednesday feature for a Q&A, interview, guest post or giveaway, please contact me.

Welcome to The Australian Bookshelf blog.

What can you expect?

I post honest reviews about books I have read whether I highly recommend them or find them underwhelming- these are just my opinions and I strive to provide my readers with an honest account of my experience so they can make an informed decision about whether to purchase a particular book. I try to review books in a timely manner, but at times this may not be the case. My reviews include a brief synopsis of the story, an image of the book cover, link to purchase and what I personally think about the book. Please see my book review page for examples of my work.

The Australian Bookshelf is a voluntary, part-time blog written by an avid reader. Read my about me page to learn more about my interests. I do not receive any compensation for my reviews other than review copies from publishers. The Australian Bookshelf generates a minimal income through affiliate links which supports the running of the blog e.g. giveaways and postage etc.

What do I review?

I review books from a range of genres including: literary fiction, ‘chic lit,’ paranormal, fantasy, historical romance, non-fiction, travel memoirs and young adult fiction. I will not read horror stories (I am too much of a scaredy cat!). I particularly strive to support the Australian book industry and these titles will take precedence over international titles.

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